Hello, there!

My name is Jessica (creator and designer of Twiggy), and behind me is my husband Kekoa--Twiggy's #1 Supporter/Muscle Man. Kekoa and I just celebrated 3 years of marriage (yay!), and we are carers to two doggies--Thor (a dachshund terrier mix) and Loki (a...hyena? Crazy, hyper-active creature? *Ahem* I mean, terrier mix).

In 2015, Twiggy was born out of my love (obsession) for reusable tote bags, my interest to learn graphic design, and my desire to create designs that make people SMILE. We got the name Twiggy from my first business (baby), Leaflet Designs--twig/leaf--kind of like sister companies.

These last four years have been the most meaningful four years of my life--I've met so many wonderful people--customers, fellow vendors, and many acquaintances who have become friends. I am so, SO grateful for every opportunity I've had, and am so excited for all the opportunities to come!

We hope that you enjoy our designs as much as we do and can see the passion and love we put into creating designs that you love to tote around! All bags are originally designed by me or are locally illustrated, and they are screen printed locally here on Oahu.

We would love to hear from you!

Email: talktome@hellotwiggy.com

IG: @twiggyhawaii | @twiggyweddings

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